Frequently Asked Questions - Chemical Peels

What is a Glycolic Peel?

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that is used to improve the overall health and appearance of the skin and reverse the visible signs of aging. It has been extensively studied and its benefits are clinically documented.

What are the benefits of Glycolic Peels?

​• ​Enhances cellular turnover.
​• Reduces corneocyte cohesion and keratin plugs.
​• Promotes collagen deposition and elastin production.
​• Stimulates additional hyaluronic acid production.
​• Minimizes the appearance of pigmentation irregularities.
​• Softens fine lines.
​• Creates brighter, plumper skin that looks and feels firmer, smoother and more supple.

What are the Contraindications of Glycolic Peels?

​• Prior allergic reaction to glycolic acid or citrus medica limonum (lemon) fruit extract.
​• Active cold sore.
​• Active bacterial, viral, fungal or herpetic infections.
​• Active sunburn, windburn or open skin lesions.
​• Pre-existing inflammatory dermatoses such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis.
​• Accutane / Isotretinoin use in the past year.
​• History of drugs with photosensitizing potential.
​• Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
​• Patients with compromised immune systems.
​• Any other medical conditions as determined by the treating physician.

Instructions | What should I do ONE WEEK prior to the peel?

Patients should avoid the following for 7 consecutive days before undergoing the peel:
​• Avoid Retinols and /or retinoids, e.g., Differin, Renova, Retin-A, Tazorac, etc.
​• Avoid Use of exfoliation, drying or peeling productions on the area to be treated.
​• Avoid Manual exfoliation on the area to be peeled, e.g., facial brush, facial scrub, etc.
​• Avoid waxing, depilatories, electrolysis or laser hair removal on the area to be peeled.

Instructions | What should I do ON THE DAY of the peel?

Patients should avoid the following on the day of the peel:
​• Avoid sun exposure.
​• Patients should not shave the area to be peeled for 2 hours prior to the peel.

Instructions | What should I do on THE DAY AFTER the peel?

• Avoid Sun exposure
​• Use a gentle/mild cleanser for 2 days (use cleanser from your kit)
​• Apply a sunscreen moisturizer

General Post Peel Instructions

Laomiz GlyMist may be used immediately after the peel and every 3 hours as needed as a cool, refreshing spray to relieve any feelings of skin dryness or tightness. Client should avoid using cosmetics and cream on the area that was peeled 48 - 72hours after the peel. Lipstick may be used.

What should I expect after having a peel?

Depending on the strength of the peel administered, clients may experience:
​• Tightness or redness which should resolve within 3 hours but may last up to 72hours.
​• Exfoliation (peel and/or flaking) for up to 5 days. Not all clients will experience peeling or flaking. Peeling is not a prerequisite to skin rejuvenation.